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Pros and Cons of Full Face and Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Image Credit: Pixabay

Riding a motorcycle is an experience that cannot be accurately described to those who have not had the experience. However, the ride is different for people who have different mindsets. Therefore, when the issue of full face versus open face helmets arises, the answer is vastly different depending on your preferences for the ride.

Certain laws are now in place to determine who is required to wear a helmet versus who can make the choice. In some states, all riders must wear helmets. In others, people of a certain age or who have more experience on a motorcycle can opt to skip wearing a helmet if they so choose. The statistics regarding accidents show that wearing a helmet increases chances of survival and avoiding injury. However, simply having a helmet on your head does not make you safe. Riding a motorcycle has its own unique dangers. That is where the debate can arise on whether to wear an open face helmet or a full face helmet.

Freedom or Safety?

Those who want to wear an open face helmet are focused on freedom and fashion. They prefer to have the ability to see everything as they pass and feel like they look like a motorcycle rider. They feel that a full face helmet inhibits view and also takes away from the visual portrayal of the motorcycle rider.

Meanwhile, those who say a full face helmet is the answer are focused on safety. They will advocate for the full face helmet because it protects from wind burn, bugs in the face and potential injuries if there is an accident.

When viewing accident statistics, studies show that the chin area is what hits the road first 1/5th of the time in a crash. Therefore, an open face helmet leaves you more likely to be injured and/or get road rash at the very least.

However, the dedicated riders who feel they lose experience by wearing a full face helmet maintain they are better off with an open face helmet. They take the risk, knowing they may suffer greater injury if an accident occurs.

Today’s technology may find an answer to the limited visibility in a full face helmet, as video cameras and head-up displays are being used in addition to traditional mirrors to provide better perception of the traffic around you.

How to Choose

If you are ready to ride but aren’t sure what helmet to buy, check here before you buy a helmet. You can get a better idea of the different features available, the chance to be safe and see better and the option to have freedom over safety. You can determine which is the best match for your riding style. From there, you simply need to purchase, receive and head out on the open road. The experience is well worth it. Once you have been riding for awhile, you can better understand the debate between the two types of helmets. From there, you can make your own judgment on the best option for you personally.