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Learn Some Facts about the Deca Durabolin Cycles – What are Some of its Major Side Effects?

When you go out to purchase different kinds of steroids, you are most likely to get confused because of the wide variety available in the market. These steroids are used by the body builders and weight lifters to enhance their body. Most of the experts have advised that these steroids should be consumed in cycles. By cycles we mean that consuming a particular amount of steroid for a particular time period and then take a break before starting a new cycle.

One of the most popular cycles consumed by such people is the deca durabolin cycle. When deca durabolin was produced, people were surprised to see its versatility in providing great results. Hence, the deca cycle is not just used for the cutting but it is also consumed in the bulking days. In fact, it is popular when you want de volumen y masa muscular.

In this article, we will be discussing about such cycles and the side effects of consuming them.

What is the significance of consuming deca durabolin cycles?

Before you start with the cycle, always seek guidance from your doctor. Your doctor will be able to judge your body properly so that you are assured if this cycle will work on you or not. Here are some facts to consider about the deca cycles –

  • The deca durabolin cycle can last according to the liking of the consumer. However, the standard limitation provided by the experts is 8-12 weeks maximum.
  • One can consume 600 mg to 800 mg of product per week.
  • Since a woman’s body may react differently to the drug, they should start by a 50 mg cycle per week.
  • If you are planning to consume this drug during your bulking days, then you can consider consuming it along with various other drugs including anadrol, testosterone, dianabol etc.
  • However, if you are planning to consume it during your cutting days, then going for the deca durabolin cycle with equipoise will be extremely beneficial.

Know some potential side effects of deca durabolin

The side effects of any steroid can be controlled through limited consumption. Here are some potential side effects of deca durabolin –

  • Though it is known that deca durabolin causes fewer side effects as compared to the other drugs in the market. It can still cause some serious ones if it is misused.
  • In women, it can lead to a deeper voice and enhanced hair growth.

Men can face development of acne and loss of hair if their consumption is too much.