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Harmful Farm Machinery Practices Still Seen

Nearly every year, maqui berry farmers along with other farm employees are seriously hurt or perhaps die entirely unnecessarily in accidents including farm machinery.

Now nobody is recommending that a few of the heavy farming equipment utilized in modern farming occasion to be entirely 100% ‘safe’. Regardless of the philosophical issues may be, if you have people and high mobile machinery in close closeness to one another, the periodic accident will happen regardless of the most effective in safeguards.

However, can also be regrettably the situation that significant amounts of these accidents happen for reasons which are or could have been totally and completely avoidable having a modicum of good sense and professionalism.

Let us be truthful about things.

Almost anybody involved with farming industry will admit to from time to time seeing good examples of madness when it comes to work practices around machinery. Sometimes these arise because of the irrational and inexplicable actions of the individual but from time to time and more worryingly, they are available about due to endemic poor place of work processes and practices.

Only a brief sample of some of what is visible fairly regularly includes:

People operating high-speed and harmful machinery without any kind of eye protection

Heavy and elevated lifting happening with individuals at walk out putting on no hard-hat protection

The whole process of items like trucks along with other major products by people who’re clearly inexperienced and unskilled – that even from time to time and shamefully includes children.

Using very noisy equipment without sufficient hearing protection. That isn’t only harmful for that hearing of the individual concerned however it might stop them hearing others screaming alerts of other dangers.

Horsing around with or racing such things as our RTVs and trucks

Heavy load electrical cables being covered on, around or higher moving vehicle

Safety pads along with other machinery protection taken off machinery simply for brief-term convenience


Many of these things and many more like them ought to be consigned to individuals museums of “yesteryear farming”. Yet sadly this just is not happening.

However, one factor that we’re all also responsible for is seeing good examples of insane work practices and just searching another way. That’s frequently because unless of course it’s our farm or establishment and there exists a amount of authority connected with this, there is the risk that we’ll find out to “mind your personal business” when mentioning the risks involved.