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Four Types of Natural Fibre Rugs for the Home

Putting rugs in rooms that are painted in neutral colours is a great way to add a splash of colour. They can also be used to protect timber floors by placing furniture on them and they can help keep feet warm when getting out of bed on cold mornings. For those who are environmentally conscious or who want to avoid chemical-based synthetics, there are many natural fibre rug options available, such as those below.

Jute Rugs

If you’ve ever bought anything stored in burlap, then you’re familiar with jute. Jute is a natural fibre from the Corchorus plant and, depending on how the fibres are treated, rugs made with jute are some of the softest natural fibre rugs. They are long-lasting and cheaper to produce than wool rugs but not as durable. The plants are grown in tropical areas such as India and Bangladesh and the stalks, not the leaves, are used to develop jute. Jute can be dyed in any colour so you should be able to find jute rugs in colours appropriate for your décor.

Sisal Rugs

This fibre is derived from the agave (Sisalana) plant which is grown mainly in Mexico, Brazil, and Africa. It is a very tough fibre so the rugs made from sisal are very durable. They would be good for high-traffic areas in your house and they come in a variety of colours because the fibre is easy to dye. However, since the fibre is absorbent, stains can be an issue and the fibres can sometimes feel slick. Along with rugs, sisal is used to make paint brushes, paper, and dartboards.

Wool Rugs

Probably the most popular natural fibre used to make rugs is wool. Along with being durable, it is soft and easy to clean, resists stains, and can last a very long time. Along with area rugs, wool is also a common fibre used for making carpets. Wool rugs are woven in various shapes, patterns, and sizes and they could be found in almost any colour you can imagine. Click here https://www.myrugstore.co.uk/rugs/wool/large to find large wool rugs in a variety of colours and patterns.

Seagrass Rugs

The seagrass made for weaving rugs is grown in saltwater marshes so the rugs are water- and stain-resistant since the fibres are non-porous. It is a durable material so it can be used in high-traffic areas. If you need a rug for the kitchen or bathroom, seagrass is a great choice due to its resistance to water and stains. Since the fibres are non-porous, seagrass is difficult to dye so you will most likely find the rugs in its natural hue, which may have a green sheen but will usually fade to a light tan or khaki tone.

Other natural fibres used to make rugs include hemp, bamboo, and cotton. Natural fibre rugs should only be used indoors as the elements can damage them. If you’re looking to add colour or protect timber floors, natural fibre rugs are a good option.