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Design Shirts for your Group or Organization that get Attention

Shirts for groups and organizations are virtually “free” advertising. They always capture attention at first glance. Typically, these shirts may have short or long sleeves and are available in fabrics that always comfortable to wear.

However, it is the imprinted design of the shirt that has greatest appeal. To design shirts for your group or organization, there are several things to consider:
. Color of fabric
. Color of logos and print
. Placement of the design on the front or back of the shirt or both

How to Create Shirt Designs for College Events
In most cases, college fraternity and sorority shirts are easiest designs to create. These Greek shirts are a must for college students who are fraternity and sorority members. Choose a design that incorporates a Greek logo for the specific group and perhaps, the date of the establishment of the Greek group. These are great for events like Big/Little Sister/Brother retreats, Rush and Recruitment or Bid Day and a quite popular with college students on every campus. For special campus, one-time activities Greek shirts are a must.

Shirt Designs for Organizations
Shirt designs for civic, religious or educational organizations should coordinate the color of the shirt with the color of the organization logo and print. For civic groups that have annual fund raising events, choose shirt designs that are evergreen and can be ordered from a screen printer based on a prior year’s basic design.

In many elementary schools, the final semesters often provide students with special outdoor events. To differentiate each grade or class, allow students to help with shirt designs that will make their shirts stand out from students in other classes.

Shirt Designs for Business Events
Many businesses rely on free advertising that shirt designs provide for promotional gifts to top clients. Choose a unique shirt design that incorporates the business logo for customer appreciation recognition. For business picnics and other casual events, the shirt design should include the date of the event to make it more memorable.

From Design to Screen Printing
One important thing to remember about shirt designs is how they look after screen printing. Consult with a professional screen printer who can assist with details of how the final design will appear. Always order sufficient quantities from your screen printer. There is always the possibility that patrons to events may exceed the number of shirts ordered. Also, if shirt designs are ordered for a one time event, these may become keepsakes that patrons add to their collection. For example, specially designed shirts for a group or organization anniversary celebration instantly become “collectible” items. Be sure to consider adding special design details for anniversary events.