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Console Gaming vs App Gaming

You’ve got a free evening to spend gaming so which method do you choose? Do you go for the console, sit in front of the TV and enjoy some 4K, intensive gameplay?Or are you more likely to pick up your smart phone and just play a simple but fun app game with your free time?

And of these two, which do you think is the best?

There are definitely pros and cons to both, you can’t enjoy gambling games online if you’re on a console since they don’t tend to have the support for playing games like that. But if you’re playing on your phone, the graphics aren’t always that impressive and complicated controls are beyond what a normal touchscreen can provide.

While a mobile is certainly more portable, the Switch has become the bestselling year one console ever and provides both mobile and couch play for ease of use no matter your circumstances.

But is there a decisive victor!? Check out this infographic below and see how the two compare!