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Becoming An Esthetician Is Easier Than Ever, And Here’s Why

Got #skingoals? Spend hours browsing Pinterest looking at the flawless faces of Victoria’s Secret models and worshiping their skincare routines? Is your counter lined with the latest and greatest skincare products? When your friends have skin woes, do they text or Snap you first?

Honey, it’s time to turn that expertise into a career and look at esthetician schools. The cool thing about being an esthetician is that they perform a lot of cool skin treatments – like the facials you see on Instagram.

Estheticians are trained to develop and apply facials for their clients, following established procedures, so that everyone who comes into the salon gets great results. They also recommend products to their clients, and often help them identify skin issues and establish new skincare routines. One popular reason people go to estheticians is to help with acne management.

Or maybe waxing is your thing – estheticians do that, too. You can perform hair removal and also teach salon guests about proper wax after-care.

In addition to facials, waxing, and massage – as well as other cosmetic skin treatments – many estheticians do makeup design. Yes, really. If you’ve watched all the YouTube makeup tutorials you can find and have mastered everything from the smoky eye to glitter eyeliner, training at an esthetician school and completing an additional honor certificate in specialized makeup shows salons you’re more than just a casual makeup artist, you have the skills and expertise needed to succeed in a salon environment.

Some esthetician schools also offer on-the-ground training in the day-to-day realities of salon management, including product sales and client requests. Each student team is tasked with the responsibilities of running a function salon and gain valuable work experience.

A key aspect of professional development as an esthetician is compiling a portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase your work, including “before” and “after” pictures of services you’ve performed for clients and any accolades you’ve achieved for your work. Esthetician school will help you build a portfolio through your coursework. They will also help you prepare for the state licensing exam required for estheticians to become certified in your state.

Beyond professional credentials, you should also have genuine enthusiasm for skin care and a desire to help clients achieve their best possible skin. Esthetician school is a valuable first step on the road to entering a salon. Through practical and written exams, and hours of training, you will be fully prepared to shine.