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A Perfume Story: 3 Reasons of Using Perfumes and 5 Best Fragrances to Buy for Women

Out of all our senses, smelling is the most inexplicable one. Because the way you would define a fragrance would be different than the other one. We all have one sort of an image associated with a type of fragrance. For example, the thought of rain or monsoon makes us remember the smell of wet soil or may be the smell of a jasmine flower makes you remember a school teacher who wore jasmine around her bun.

Bottles of perfumes were introduced to human civilization in order to mesmerize other people. But often these perfumes are associated with women. Have you ever wondered why women use more fragrance than men or why perfumes are the best gifts for girls? Read below to know:

Brand faith and confidence: May be not much with guys, but, women are too fussy when it comes to shifting from one type of brand to another. If once they find that a particular brand is answering all her comfort, luxury, and desires, she would never ever go elsewhere. A woman always loves to be associated with a particular brand of perfume and that ways she thinks she is faithful to be brand and also people recognize her with the smell.

Dressing Up: One is not considered to be perfectly ready to step out until and unless perfume is sprayed. A perfume completes the look of a woman and she would never ever compromise with that “dressing up” part.

Center of attraction: Which woman doesn’t want to be the center of attraction? Applying a perfume helps her remain super attractive both to men and women. She just loves the attention she gets around her and all that can happen with a spray of the right kind of perfume.

You may think of picking up these following perfumes and shower them on girls on some special occasions.

Floral and Woods: If you see the product description of a perfume bottle reads, woody, musky, or spicy, you must go for it. It is not a masculine scent but these kind of multi-layered perfumes works great on women. Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid are two best names form this category which you must get for your girl.

Naturally Fresh: When you read a naturally fresh tagline for a perfume, it actually refers to a very soothing “Just Out of Shower” feeling. Anyone feels their refreshing best when they are just out of a good bath and as the day moves ahead, that freshness crumbles. Perfumes like J’adore from the house of Christian Dior or Light Blue form the Dolce & Gabbana brand can be bought to stay afresh all through the day.

Soothing Orange: The smell of an orange is very sweet, tangy, and fresh. It can make one fall in love and also uplift the mood. Coach Poppy and Eau d’Orange Verte from the house of Hermès’ are two bets examples for you. Your gift would never go wrong with these two.

Tuberose: Tuberose extract perfumes are elegant and feminine. Buying an expensive perfume bottle made with tuberose would be the best gift idea for women. Jo Malone, Diptyque Do Son, or Guerlain Jardins can be bought for her.