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12 Awesome office gadgets and must-haves

Life in office is as hard as it can get. Mid-Tuesday seems like Friday already. What better than to find gadgets those at least make life if not fun then a little less boring? Read on to find 12 awesome yet useful gadgets that will make those 8 hours in office seem less hard to sail through.

  1. Portable storage devices

A 32 GB pen drive or a higher one or probably a hard disk can help accumulate all the significant and confidential information. This singles out the risk of losing out on the important facts and figures.

  1. Desk organiser

A scheduler that allows the ease to jot down all the things to do on a particular day or simply list out the errands to run on a specified date to make life easy!

  1. Desk clock

Even though we have our mobiles but a desk clock helps keep track of time in a more organized manner. A clock in front of one’s eyes also keeps one on their toes and helps meet deadlines with immense efficiency.

  1. Highlighters

Highlighter pens can be a superior relief to the blacks and blues once it is used to in the office. It helps breaks the monotony and the colors also freshen the brain.

  1. Colourful sticky notes

Submission deadline 1100 hrs lunch at 1300 hrs and meeting at 1400 hrs! How much can you remember? Enter sticky notes to the rescue. Write and stick them almost anywhere on your table or your laptop screen to ensure you don’t miss out on any crucial task at hand.

  1. A small punching machine cum stapler

So that you don’t have to lose again out on time hunting for or borrowing someone’s stapler when you urgently have to put sheets together.

  1. A portable hand scanning tool

Digitally saving indispensable documents is the easiest and most effective way to secure documents. A hand scanning tool helps avoid those queues at the scanner and makes you more of a pro at work.

  1. Handy wind up shredder

So that disposal of that old account statement, or the Xerox of your pan card doesn’t bother you once it’s gone. Shred it up and discard it in a way you don’t have to think about it again.

  1. A tissue box

Clean hands keep all the sheets stain free and make you seem more responsible than your age. No one likes those oily papers anymore.

  1. Squeeze up stress ball

To sail through a hard day, it becomes quite essential to vent out your stress somewhere.

  1. Funky Paperweights

Those loose sheets or that one-page printout will no longer fly away at choice. Keep them in one place with some cool, funky paperweights to help you fight the gloom on a boring day at work.

  1. Dustbin

Last but not the least, do not forget the dustbin. To keep your office desk trash free and organized, it is ideal to place a dustbin in your workspace. No more losing out on time for having just to discard a small piece of paper.

Bring these cool must haves today, not to forget the portable hard disk, and experience office life like never before!