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Our body has a natural phenomenon for producing the required amount of growth hormones .The growth hormones have a function synonymous to their name .It helps your body to grow .The growth hormones are found in high quantities within the human body during the childhood and adolescent times .Deficiency of this hormone can lead to several age associated diseases .

Major functions of the Growth Hormone

The website steroidly.com pens down the complete knowledge that one should gather about the human body hormones.

  • The growth hormones are not only responsible of promoting growth in the human body. It is also responsible for the repair and regeneration of your body cells.
  • The pituitary glands are the center responsible for the growth hormone secretion in your body.
  • The growth hormone does not only help you to gain height it also helps in your various body growth functions.
  • It functions as a medium to control and regulate several organs in your body
  • Somatotropin is the other name of the growth hormone.
  • The frontal and anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is devoted to the production of this hormone. It is from this site that the hormone gets infused into the bloodstream which gets circulated throughout the body.
  • Growth hormones affect the insulin and blood sugar levels of your body.
  • It also helps in the metabolism of fat, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, cellular functions.
  • It effectively helps in the bone development process in your body.
  • Sometimes it works in unison with IGF1.
  • It takes parts in activities like the anabolism of proteins brought about by the absorption of amino acids which improves the protein synthesis process in the body and reduces the oxidation and protein destruction rate.
  • Growth hormones bring about the metabolism of fat by breaking down the triglyceride content of your body and by bringing about an adipocyte oxidation .Adipocytes are the other names of the fat cells.
  • Growth hormones help in controlling the glucose synthesis phenomenon of the liver.

Hormones are widely known as the controller of emotions. The hormones are controlled by the sleep cycles, exercise, nutrition and stress levels .The major growth hormones are produced by the effect of the hormones from the hypothalamus and stomach. The major growth hormones as listed in the website of steroidly.com are

Ghrelin – is produced in the stomach and acts as a peptide. It works by binding with the somatotropin receptors; it can perfectly to stimulate the secretion of other growth hormones.

Growth hormone-releasing hormone – is also called the HRH, it is a hypothalamic peptide which helps in the production ofor synthesis and secretion of a varied number of necessary growth hormones.

Somatostatin – is also called the SS, this peptide is secreted by the thalamus and also other tissues in the body. This peptide affects in the release of growth hormones and in response sends messages by GHRH to control the other body functions, including signals of low blood sugar levels.

If there is a deficiency in the growth hormone level in your body you will face several health hazards leading to the malfunctioning of your body.