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The full form of AAKG is arginine alpha ketoglutarate. It is used as a body building supplement. There has been no proper research to show that consuming AAKG as a dietary supplements will have any benefit on the human form. We know that arginine is required for many important body functions and supplementing it externally will give a boost to your health and fitness regime.

It has been asserted many a time that AAKG has increased the nitric oxide levels hence increasing the muscle protein synthesis which has not been properly backed by any scientific research.

Benefits of AAKG

  • It helps in treating bacterial and yeast infections which are recurring in nature.
  • It strengthens the muscle tissue during protein synthesis.
  • It is also known that a high level of AAKG would help in the production of insulin in the body.
  • As the arteries get dilated the muscles relieve more nutrients and oxygen.
  • Athletes use this to increase their endurance and avoid stiffness in the joints. This supplement allows them to exercise for long hours without been exhausted.
  • The arginine present in AAKG has the power to stimulate the body muscle functioning to a great extent by increasing the overall strength, stamina and enhance muscle growth.
  • The use of AAKG said that the retention of the muscles lasted longer compared to other drugs hence most often used by bodybuilders.
  • Since the bodybuilders used AAKG they felt full of energy and vitality. They have also reported that their muscles felt tighter and stronger.
  • It is said that consumption of red meat provides the required arginine for the body for muscle growth, since this cannot be consumed in large mounts at one go, it is advised that supplements in concentrated amounts work effectively and do not get diluted on the way as to say break down as though minimising the effect. To get a good effect the use of AAKG has broken the barriers and helped to achieve the desired muscle growth.


AAKG is found in powder or pill form or powder or tablets. It is suggested that these tablets have to be consumed on an empty stomach this once or twice a day. There is a very limited research into AAKG use.

In the powder form it is advised that a dosage of 1500mg to 3500mg is ok for a daily consumption cycle. It is also said that it is more beneficial if this drug is taken along with  creatine based products.

Side effects

It has been observed that consuming more than 4gms per day has said to cause some side effects and also if the period of continuous intake is more than 60 days reports have suggested that the person may have dizziness, vomiting, losing of consciousness.

Persons consuming blood thinners are advised in not consuming this drug along with their medication as AAKG is itself a blood thinning agent so it may cause a health scare.

Pregnant and breast feeding mothers should avoid such supplements.

And people who have opted or in for surgeries should stop consuming such supplements beforehand.